Date : 2009.09
Common Magazine issue13




■ Tell me your stats/profile?

6 feet tall, 180 lbs, black hair, half Filipino, half Irish, born in Manhattan, bred in Forest Hills, Queens NYC.I love to cook, drink nice wine/sake, be in nature, travel, and of course I love NYC.

■ プロフィールを教えてください。


■ Why do you choose to write in New York?

New York is my Home.

■ 何故、New Yorkで描いているんですか?


■  Whats appealing about graf?


■ GRAFFITIの魅力はなんですか?


■ What is the meaning/definition of Krink?

Krink is quality, style, and independence.

■ KRINKの意味を教えてください。


■ When did you realize that your drip style was original?

I was making my own ink, I was able to do more on the street because my supply was unlimited. This gave me the ability to establish my own style without people copying me. people didn’t know what was going on, it just grew and grew till it was everywhere. I think being consistent is important. It was only after the style was considered successful that people began to copy it and by then many people already knew the Krink style. When I moved back to NYC was when things really picked up, because in NYC there are so many people.Earsnot, Sacer, and Irak really did a lot on the streets with Krink, and things just grew even more. They style and the products were more widely recognized.

■ ドリップを垂らす事がオリジナルスタイルだと感じたのはいつ頃からですか?

自分でインクを作ってから、ストリート活動の範囲がとても広くなったよ(サプライが無限だから)。僕の作ったインクのおかげで、コピーされず自分のスタイルを確立することができたんだ。最初はみんな理解出来ていなかったんだけど、段々スポットの数も増えて、そこらじゅうで見るようになった。一貫性が重要だと思うよ。僕のスタイルが認められた後に他の人が僕のスタイルをコピーし始めたんだけど、その時にはKRINKスタイルは確立されていたよ。ニューヨークに戻ってからは物事がスムーズに進んだ。ニューヨークはいろんな人がいるからね。EARSNOT, SACER, IRAKがKRINKを使って、世界が広がったね。スタイルと商品がより広く、多くに認識された。

■ Can you tell me about your first time making a Krink marker?

It was a long process over time, it all happened very naturally, there was no real plan. I tried many things and experimented until I found what I was looking for. I think a lot of it is personality, I was really open to experimenting with materials and tools. It all came very naturally. I made a lot of bad markers before I made great ones.

■ KRINKマーカーをはじめて作った時の話を聞かせてください?


■ Why are the Krink labels, so simply made? Is there a reason behind that?

I like simple things. I don’t like things that are overdone or trying to hard. Simplicity is best. I don’t want to tell people what to do, I want them to discover things for themselves. Experiment and find what is best for them. Simple labeling allows for people to make their own choices. 

■ KRINKのラベルデザインはなぜ、こんなにもシンプルなフォントでデザインされているんですか?

僕はシンプルなものが好きだから。頑張りすぎているものややり過ぎなことは嫌いだね。SIMPLICITY IS BEST。他の人に物事を押し付けるより、その人が自分で発見して、自分で試して、自分にベストなことを見つけてほしい。シンプルなラベルは他の人が自分で選択できるようにしている。

■ How do you feel about many writers/ artists using Krink products?

I am so happy that people have been so positive. I am very happy that so many artists around the world enjoy Krink. I think it is a new direction to be able to establish a style and then give people the means to do it and discover it for themselves.I feel blessed to have the opportunity and the love.

■ 色々なライターやアーティストがKRINKを使用している事についてどう思いますか?


■ Can you tell me about how you met the people at Alife, and your first time working with them?

I moved back to NYC after living in San Francisco, Alife opened their first store right down the street. They were very open to the creative community around them and working with people. We used to talk about creative ideas, and build on the ideas together. They pushed me to package and sell Krink, they helped me with marketing and design.We worked on photo, design, package, and art projects, ideas, it was great, everyone was so open. At that time Alife was a hub for creative people to meet and potentially work together.

■ ALIFEとの出会い、そしてALIFEと仕事をしたときのことを教えてください。


■ I know that you have done many projects/ exhibitions, which one stands out the most?

They all have different memories. I recently went to Moscow, and the whole experience was so interesting. I really enjoyed my time there and it was a great experience, especially as an American. Russia and the US have such a funny history. It was so great to actually go there. One of my favorite trips. 

■ いろいろなプロジェクトをしていますが、一番印象に残っているプロジェクトはなんですか?


■ What is your impression of New York?

Ny is a great mix of people, the culture here is really amazing and diverse. The food is excellent. No one really cares what you do, it is really open, there are just to many different people. For many things/jobs NYC has some of the best people in the world, it is really inspiring. People here really hustle and work hard, because it is so competitive, but it is also very very hard. It can be difficult to have a balance between life and work, nature and city. I think it is very important to be in touch with nature. The city is such a tiny part of the universe. Nature is the real world.

■ New Yorkはあなたにとってどんな町ですか?


■ Lastly, what is your daily routine when in New York?

Wake up, ice-coffee, work, work, work, food, wine, TV, sleep. re-start. Summers I try to go away on the weekends to the country. This fall I want to start surfing more often. I love swimming.

■ 最後にあなたのNew Yorkでの日常はどんな感じですか?


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