Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN “Keep On” (Taipei, Taiwan)

宮城県出身で台湾在住の旅するビートメーカーShaoz aka DJ U-CANが新曲 “Keep On”をシングルリリース。京都のBONG BROSやNOT2BELIKESOMEONEのメンバーをフィーチャリングした”Visions of Forbs”、東南アジアの旅の映像を使用して自ら手掛けたミュージックビデオが印象的だった”Lights of Hope”に引き続き、シングル通算3作目となる本作では、ベトナムの北部を渡り歩いた旅の情景を1作目からアートワークを担当しているBohとさらに深化したコンビネーションで表現。近年、Shing02の”1200 Ways” (Dedicated to TECHNICS SL-1200)リミックスコンテストでの入選、台湾のグラミー賞と呼ばれるゴールデン・メロディー・アワードにノミネートされたアーティストのリミックスアルバム参加等、国内外で着実に実績と経験を積みながらも、独自のライフスタイルで自由に活動を続ける彼ならではの世界観が色濃い作品となっている。

artist : Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN
title : Keep On
label : UC RECORDS
cat# : UC-006
release : Jun 2, 2014
format : Digital Single (iTunes Store/Amazon worldwide)
price : ¥150 (tax in)

Produced & Mixed by Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)
Mastering by KASHIWA Daisuke (Virgin Babylon Records)

01. Keep On

Artwork by BOH (UC RECORDS)

-Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN-
Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN is a DJ/producer from Japan, who continues original activities in music through the journey to the various streets all around the world. In 2006, he released “UNDERGROUND CONNECTION” featuring the greatest lyricist in Korea JAZZY IVY (Zulu Nation) and taking the free-style of artists all over Asia, which was also his own activity base. In 2008, he released “UNDERGROUND CONNECTION Scene 2″, with participants including Sever Star (Botanica Del Jibaro) and artists all over US and Europe who resonated to the greatest concept of the series “Chain reaction of connection”. In recent years, he participated for classic albums such as “MU-ROOTS” by NAGAN SERVER (2010), +81 -PLUS EIGHTY ONE-“ by DJ ARCHITECT (2011), “PRIVATE ANTHEM” by LIVING DEAD (2013), and projects for various grounds as his liberal style of music shows.

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