Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN “Lights of Hope” (Taipei, Taiwan)

宮城県出身で台湾在住の旅するビートメーカーShaoz aka DJ U-CANが新曲 “Lights of Hope”をシングルリリース。前作“Motives & Thoughts”に引き続き、映像撮影、編集、ディレクションにいたるまですべて自ら手掛けたミュージックビデオでは、アジア最後の桃源郷バンビエンや4000の島シーパンドンを渡り歩いた旅の情景が映し出されており、異国の不思議な空気と時間に包まれながら、京都BONG BROSのFires Stoneやex NTBLSのTaf (Vo)など旅先で出会った人や音が鳴り響く。独自のライフスタイルで自由に活動を続ける彼ならではの渾身の音魂が詰まった内容となっている。

Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN’s new single “Lights of Hope” is now available on iTunes Store worldwide. For more pure creativity with its independence, he  worked on every creation process such as shooting, editing, and direction of film by following his own guidance and inspiration, shooted through the  journey between Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia in 2013. As a heart be, you will be the one to feel  “Otodama” (music-maded soul) fully created from his original lifestyle with greatest freedom and independence.


artist : Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN
title : Lights of Hope
label : UC RECORDS
cat# : UC-005 (UPC:840090056071)
release : Jan 20, 2014
format : Digital Single (iTunes Store/Amazon worldwide/Bandcamp)
price : ¥450 (tax in)

Produced & Mixed by Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)
Directed & Filmed by Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)
Mastering by Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)

01. Lights of Hope
02. Motives & Thoughts

Artwork by BOH (UC RECORDS)

-Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN-
Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN is a DJ/producer from Japan, who continues original activities in music through the journey to the various streets all around the world. In 2006, he released “UNDERGROUND CONNECTION” featuring the greatest lyricist in Korea JAZZY IVY (Zulu Nation) and taking the free-style of artists all over Asia, which was also his own activity base. In 2008, he released “UNDERGROUND CONNECTION Scene 2″, with participants including Sever Star (Botanica Del Jibaro) and artists all over US and Europe  who resonated to the greatest concept of the series “Chain reaction of connection”. In recent years, he participated for classic albums such as “MU-ROOTS” by NAGAN SERVER (2010), +81 -PLUS EIGHTY ONE-“ by DJ ARCHITECT (2011), “PRIVATE ANTHEM” by LIVING DEAD (2013), and projects for various grounds as his liberal style of music shows.

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