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Since the Japan earthquake disaster struck, I’ve been dwelling on ways to most effectively help our friends there. As you all know, lots of people are doing lots of things. But they all felt slightly “off” to me. I saw a tweet that summed it up perfectly: “If you’re going to donate, just donate. Don’t make people retweet, like, buy things, etc. Don’t abuse tragedies for your own personal gain.” Don’t get me wrong, no disrespect, everyone’s assistance helps a lot. But personally, for me, I just didn’t want to make something…to add another “thing” to the world, and then have to sell that “thing” in order to help people. I just want to help. And I want those who help to be able to let other people know how to help.
So still…I thought, something must be done. Especially in our industry. We owe much to Japan—if not everything.


This is my solution:
A red circle.
Anyone who donates or supports gets one. It’s not only a badge of support, it’s a rally cry. We are organizing an event in NYC on Saturday 4/16/11 to bring people together; get them to donate directly to Red Cross Japan and then represent with this button. You don’t have to buy a product. There’s no “portion of sales” of anything…We’re just giving those that choose to support a means of telling the world around them to do the same.


With the help of our friends, we’ve amassed an incredible all-star line up of DJs to provide you with what will be a very special night. Please come out and support, have a good time and GIVE. Japan has given us so much. It’s time to give back.


— jeff


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