2013.03.16 Tru Skool Vol.2@REVOLVER TAIPEI

This video includes during the time from Sendai to Taiwan. This would be really really rare shot which DJ Mu-R is in and he is talking his feeling. We hope you would enjoy it.

2013.03.16 Tru Skool Vol.2@REVOLVER TAIPEI

‘Gagle’ is a very DOPE and the very popular HIPHOP group who catches everyone’s attention all over the world.
One of this group ‘DJ Mu-R’ got special skills which are dope in scratching and mixing. He loves 90’s HIPHOP, but he also tries to put new tastes of sounds and music to them. Those music are really dope and fresh. That is how he attracts listeners.
This dope guy joined the event called ‘ TRU SKOOL Vol.2′ as Special Guest of DJ in Taiwan.
This trailer made by crew (DJ Mu-R, Common Magazine, Koichi Watabe, UGcrapht) who lives in Sendai, Japan.

– DJ –
DJ Mu-R(Gagle/Jazzy Sport)

– Producer –
Koichi Sato (PILE)

– Director / Editor / Videography –
Tatsuhiro Murakami (UGcrapht)

– Photography –
Koichi Watabe (Watabe4500)

– Special Thanks to –
Koichi Kase
Yujiro U-Can Shaoz
Useless Brotherhood
Heartbeat Attack 脈動衝撃
Kou Chou Ching 拷秋勤
Dee Jay Vicar

– Track –
DJ辰(UGcrapht) – Let’s Go

– Common Magazine –

– UGcrapht –